10/28/1988 - Band founded by Jörg Kakoschke, Markus Steitz, Norman Bellemare and Heiko Knief
1990 - Recording of the first demo tape "... first demonstration
Till 1991 - Several changes on the lead guitar, Paulo Luis joined the Band for about one year, until Christian Walter made the job.
1992 - Recording of the second demo tape "... Paul's ..."
1992-1994 - Wow, there happened a lot! Unfortunately, nobody remembers. Too much beer or whatever...
1994 - Recording of the demo tape "... the Click-Clack..."
1994-1998 - The next time hole in the glorious history of Paralytic of... Perhaps more beer... Ey, we never took any drugs!
1998 - Recording of the CD "... a groovy kind of seasickness"
1999 - To get new impressions, the decision is made to play free sessions instead of playing the old stuff. These weeks last till now.
12/2000 - Christian leaves the band. The official reason was, that he wants to spend more time with his family. Inofficially there are the rumours, that he was sick of
seeing the same faces for 9 years. Hey, guys, do we look that ugly? We don't think so. The remaining parties decide to go ahead as a trio.
01/2001 - First gig as a trio with the new songs.
12/2002 - The homepage goes online.